B2B Store on Dubuy

DUBUY.com, established by DP World, serves as the primary conduit for business activities in Africa, encompassing exports, imports, and local trade. Dubuy, introduces an innovative digital interface that offers comprehensive supply chain solutions for the African continent and beyond, catering to B2B interactions.
This inventive online platform facilitates the integration of African enterprises into both regional and international markets, ensuring the secure, dependable, and punctual delivery of merchandise.
Enter DUBUY establishes a distinctive trading arena for Africa's $75 billion e-commerce sector. It forges connections with Dubai, a pivotal commercial center linking to major markets in the Middle East, Afrika & Europe. 
Our furniture products are available on Dubuy B2B platform. Direct link: https://www.dubuy.com/ae-en/netsan-ambalaj-mobilya-sanayi-ve-ticaret-limited-sirketi/vp
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