About Us


It all started in 2013.

We planted the seed of big dreams in a small, 60 square meter workshop with a few people whose hearts filled with love and who knew the meaning of hard work very well.

Working with determination and patience, never forgetting the point we started off, we relied on our dreams and turned our faces to the future.

Our journey that started with furniture production in a small workshop led to the enlargement of our factory working space to thousands of square meters and manufacturing capacity expansion. Today, with hundreds of employees and a strong/growing dealer network throughout the country, we have taken and strengthened our place in the Turkish furniture industry by exporting to many countries.

We continue to add value to our business and our quality with the research and development activities we have implemented to maintain our quality standards.

We know the importance of educating people, trusting people, and investing in people, and we are moving forward in this way. With our fully trained production personnel and technical staff, we are always happy to be on the right track by always focusing on the right product with high quality.

By evaluating the demands and needs of our dealers, we add strength to our knowledge and manufacturing power with the design and project studies we carry out within the framework of our cooperation with Chanakkale 18 Mart University Faculty of Architecture and Design.

We search for perfection by carrying out joint projects with our dealers and improve ourselves and our industry for customer satisfaction. We pass the products that we manufacture, using the highest quality raw materials, through 11 different quality control tests in our advanced production facility. In addition, we add value to our quality with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, and ISO 45001 quality certificates that we obtained.

We know the value of your money and trust. We continue to work endlessly to ensure that our products are worthy of your money, and we deserve your trust.

In our environmentally friendly modern facilities, we are growing day by day with our vision of providing modern designs and maintaining a quality life. We look to the future with the same determination.

In our journey that started with a small workshop, we continue to work with perseverance and patience, holding on to our dreams, never forgetting where we came from, with the respect we pay for the effort and hard work.

We have more dreams and more goal destinations to reach…

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